The first official trip I had overseas was when I was 10 – to China 江南。Couldn’t remember exactly what happened then, except that I nearly got knocked down by a motorcycle (and got scolded for not being careful – yes i’m ASIAN), my parents spending a lot on unnecessary products – the usual tea and whatnot. (We’ve learnt since then i swear)

Then came more trips –
In 2007 I went to Taiwan. Stayed on for another week after the trip around Taiwan ended – all I could remember was very miserable long bus rides on bumpy roads.
2008 was Korea.
2009 was China again – this time we did Beijing and somewhere else further up. Challenged the cold weather outdoors by losing my mind and wearing a fairly thin jacket at -14 degrees Celsius. I am a loser.
2010 we did Hong Kong for the first time! Unpleasant experience. Never liked travelling with people i originally am not already v comfortable with.
In 2011 I went to 桂林 and on a cruise (non-stop eating)
2012 I was in Sydney (+ Blue Mountains) for 9 days. Lazing around and only did 1 place a day or so. One of the best Thai food I had was on this trip.
2013 we hit up Perth and some parts of Western Australia including Canberra, Margaret River, Mandurah, Bunbury, Fremantle. Had brilliant food courtesy of Dad’s old friend Uncle Ben. (Hong Kong the 2nd time with Xinmin)
and the latest trip was to Cambodia in 2014 – we did Phnom Penh (the capital) and Siem Reap, where the famous Angkor Wat was situated. (Hong Kong the 3rd time with AJ)

All i know is that i am very very thankful to my parents for giving me the opportunities to step out to the world to learn and to widen my horizon (lmao v cheesy but yes travelling broadens minds changes lives). No matter the place we go there is always something new and interesting to immerse in – and that the second time you visit the place will never be the same as the first – the culture the language the history and heritage the people the places the architecture the food the warmth – idk i can’t even word this properly my grasp of the language is inadequate/ insufficient for you to want to start travelling – but i hope you try.  And never stop.

I somehow find the need to concretise this: To never stop travelling. To let it serve as a reminder that I am very very small, and that the world is much much greater beyond where I stand now.

Can’t wait for As to be over this year so I can start on my travelling hahahaha. *v* I’ve 下定决心 for a $2 saving everyday ya and to try my best to distance myself away from unnecessary social obligations. Jie Xi laughs at me for this but I told her to keep faith. FAITH CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS YA KNOW

Can’t wait.


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