Recent events have brought me to a conclusion that I am 2-D. Not the most accurate analogy but my view of the world is almost always black/white and even if I do acknowledge the presence of grey, I am oftentimes still confused by it. (in light of recent events) What I thought was true turns out to be a facade – and facades constantly evolve – and then I guess I am lost within the layers. Not bothered, just lost. A raise-my-eyebrows kindof lost.

I am 2-D.

Does this make me less happy? No. Does this make me more happy? Probably. By overlooking the complications of many many issues (though I still am vaguely aware), I see the world and the relations between one and others through my coloured lens, and I guess as of now it is doing me okay.

Does this make me less advantaged? In such an intertwined world, probably. I might step on grey zones and dwell unknowingly in my pursuit of purity. I can be quite stubborn.

But am I going to change? We’ll see how things goes.


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