Song of the moment: 煎熬 – 李佳薇

Preferred her version on 我是歌手3 (though there is undeniably a little bit too much shouting towards the end) more than her previous on 我为歌狂II。

煎熬is such a difficult song to sing. sigh (the technicality needed in the song to convey the emotions are just another level i swear – this is a song where the emotions cannot be separated with technicality – only with technique i feel the emotions can be brought out)
Might be able to do the lower parts but I would probably never be able to do the chorus at all. sighs again

Plus, I think she looks like Tanya Chua(?). Very pretty leh her 造型。heehee

I just listened to her 因为爱情 (with 多亮) on 我为歌狂II – the whole song was perfect except the ending note 😦 damn good la i also want to sing like that sigh


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