Book Review: 别闹,这不科学 – 金京南

Genre: 推理言情

I found out about this title because I googled for books similar to 丁墨’s 美人为陷 and this was one of the recommendations made by the Internet.

What I liked: I loved the character setting – 谭沫, the female lead – has a very adorable personality. As for the male lead, 洛涵 – he’s attractive, but not unique. They do make a cute couple! As for 男二 – 程骏, he had a more tragic story (as usual) but his 番外 was pretty well written. (quite heartbreaking actually)

It’s also 双处/1 v 1, so it’s really my type (of books). (Actually to be more accurate if it wasn’t so, I would not have started reading it because I’m pretty particular about this)

What I didn’t like as much: There were so many parts that the author could have magnified and wrote in more detail, eg. the first time 沫儿 got injured and had to stay overnight in 洛涵’s house, their 初夜 (i think it should be put down because 谭沫 has such a low EQ ahaha etc. etc. The process of her falling for him was also really vague/not clean-cut. (there wasn’t any gradual realisation/flick of a switch at all – it just simply wasn’t really brought up).

Having just read 丁墨’s 美人为陷, i can only say that this paled in comparison. The cases were much simpler, there was less suspense and less action. Granted, it’s a much shorter story, so i take that into consideration.

I still liked the book though, I just wouldn’t reread it.

Would not exactly recommend.

Next up: Book review: 学霸的内伤诊断书 – 金京南 (姐妹文)


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