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I watched Doctor Strange yesterday. (Spoilers!)

I started this post 18 days ago and for some reason I didn’t manage to finish to type it. So here goes!

I liked it, but I was just very confused throughout the whole film. It was, for a fact, strange. (sorry I just had to, haha)

I did watch the trailer.
I have very little background on Marvel movies. I’ve only watched Thor – and that was ages ago, and I don’t remember anything from that.
I did stay on for both of the after-credits scene.

What I enjoyed:
– Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance, of course. (he was one of the two reasons I decided to catch the movie, the second being the trailer which looked interesting)
– Chiwetel Ejiofor was great too! (fyi I was really impressed with him in 12 years a slave)
– The animations (i’m sorry i don’t know the techy word for this) were on point. (for the most part – especially at the start when all the buildings were shifted and all – so, so grand) as well as when they were in the mirror dimension.
– The cinematography and production was grand/on point, but it’s from Marvel anyway so I wouldn’t expect any less.

What I didn’t enjoy:
– I personally feel that some details could have been better explained. When the Ancient One told Strange about “Giving up control to gain control” and asking him to “Surrender” and subsequently leaving him out in Everest, waiting him for to somehow gain the ability to draw a portal back.
It seemed to me that the reason for him being able to do so successfully was due to a survival instinct, and not some sort of revelation which enabled him to use his powers. Granted I know that this is a movie, there’s a budget, and it’s only 1hour 55 minutes, but hey I just felt like that was a pivotal moment that could be emphasised on.
– The Dark Dimension graphics/animation looked really really like something you’d see in an animated human body. (I was later told that it was supposed to be like that. see, what do i know)
– I don’t really enjoy superhero movies because the themes are always recurring and I find that boring.

I would recommend this (if you’ve yet to catch it! quick! it’s ending soon!), if you like the actors featured, action and superhero stuff. Also because this would simply look better in the theatres as compared to if you watched it on your laptop. 



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