Welcome, 2017

It’s less than 2 hours to 2017. (GMT+8)

And as many would reflect their journey along 2016 online, here’s my take on the past 12 months.

Truth be told – the year of 2016 was an extremely uneventful year for me.

I’ve accomplished close to nothing. I completed my A-levels programme, but I fared mediocrely in my exams. I didn’t put in my best effort in pursuing my goal(s), and that means I (obviously) didn’t get anything in return. I still have a rocky relationship with my parents, and I am still not financially independent, despite being 20. I still do not have a driving license, despite starting learning driving early this year. My gut has become more sensitive, my eyes/my nose are more sensitive than ever, I’m still nowhere near my weight loss goal, and overall I am still as unfit/unhealthy as ever. Just as 2016 was going to end, I also cracked my phone screen!!! god

Of course 2016 was not all bad. I’ve become more mature as a traveller – more appreciative of the little things I see on the way. I’ve sustained my friendships (though not all), and kept those important close to my heart. I’ve managed to head to Thailand under a very expensive programme, saw surgeries I wouldn’t have been able to see elsewhere, and got to know people across the globe. I came back home, and despite many unpleasantries, this also means that I get to spend more time with my family. I took some good photos this year, started learning French, did the very basics of coding.

So, let the new year be a fresh start.

May the horrible attitudes I had stay in the past, and may I work towards becoming the person I truly want to be. May I develop resilience, discipline and a mindset of excellence to reach for my dreams, and stay truthful to myself along the way.

**I think a lot of people find it pretentious to announce new starts only when the new year is approaching – because they believe that if you want to create change, you should start right here and now. And truth is, I cannot agree more than that – but it’s always easier said than done. It takes effort to create change alone, and to sustain the change in your lifestyle is more often than not the greatest challenge. So why condemn those who merely want a more ceremonious start to a better lifestyle?

Anyhoo, welcome, 2017.


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