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Thoughts on “The Six Thatchers”

Spoilers ahead! Proceed with caution – you have been warned.

If I can conclude S4E1 with three words – it’ll definitely be: So. Much. Feels!

I loved the episode, as usual. I think the plot, the editing, the acting, the sets etc. were all very intricate, as per the past three seasons. I remain ever so impressed by the brains behind “Sherlock”, and I really do mean it.

S4E1 however, has left a gaping hole in my heart. There were tons of humour in it as usual, but as the episode went on, revealing more and more dark elements – John’s need for a “breather” outside the arrival of little Rosie, Mary’s past coming to haunt her – and eventually, her death, accompanied by the crumbling of John and Sherlock’s relationship.

Yes, Mary died. I was this close to tearing at that point in the episode.

No, I am not surprised that she would die in that manner. A little melodramatic, but not surprising. It was however definitely far too soon for me. I loved Mary as a character – she was hilarious, smart (her portrayal by Amanda Abbington was on-point) and she was on par with Sherlock, mostly. Not only did she share a special bond with Sherlock, she also taught him many things, and in my opinion her character played a huge role in opening him up (other than John & co.). She was sincere, she was raw – and despite her eventful past, somehow I’ve also felt that there was an ordinary woman living inside of her. (I wouldn’t say innocent of course)

In this episode, we see a lot more sentiment showed by most of the characters – Sherlock and Mycroft in particular. Sherlock showing Mycroft the picture of little Rosie, him reassuring that he would protect the three of them (John, Rosie, Mary) time after time, and him not being able to cope with her death (+guilt towards John). Mycroft trusting Sherlock with his gut – Mycroft admitting that he has never been really good with “people”, all these scenes, as small as they may be, were quite touching for me.

Also since I’m on the topic of Sherlock:

#1: There are so many fan theories out there, but personally I firmly believe that Moriarty is dead and all the plans he’s currently carrying out is planned before his suicide. I also don’t think that Sherlock likes John as a lover. (lol)

#2: I really really like Mycroft as a character (yay Mark Gatiss) plz don’t kill him off thx i would cri

#3: I just watched ‘The Lying Detective’ today, and oh my god – I’ll talk about that in a separate post!

Now: I can’t wait for “The Final Problem” to be aired!!! The folks in London are so lucky they get to see it in cinemas! (or so Google says, and that must be correct am I right :p)

If you belong to the category of people who’ve never ever watched Sherlock, do it do it do it JUST DO IT. 10/10 would recommend!



2 thoughts on “Thoughts on “The Six Thatchers”

  1. Personally, I hate how the new Sherlock is not about case-solving, but solving himself. But at the same time I love the way Steven Moffat and mark Gatiss have made this series quite interesting to watch.

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    1. I actually kinda agree with you! The new cases in S4 were kinda dry (esp. S4e2 – I was actually constantly checking on the video progress and waiting for him to “solve the case” and reveal more haha), but I guess this season there’s a lot of “Sherlock reparation” to be done so that he can continue being his usual self. I still love the series overall 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


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