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Thoughts on “The Lying Detective”

The post is going to contain spoilers (inevitably), as per all of my “thoughts-y type posts”.

This is just going to be a really short post, namely because:

  1. I was supposed to do it right after I watched the ep (but I did not, because read: procrastination)
  2. And as the forgetting curve indicates, if you don’t do revisions you’re going to forget stuff

I have “The Final Problem” (fairly) clearly stuck in my head, seeing that I just watched it yesterday afternoon, so I would like to actually blog about that first. But jumping from 1 to 3 makes me mildly uncomfortable (#firstworldstruggles), so here I am.

I felt that the pacing of the episode was generally pretty slow throughout. There wasn’t any sort of “crime-solving”, and as much as the trailer promised, I was SO disappointed with how the criminal (that cereal killer dude) was convicted in the end. Wasn’t it kind of… lame?

I get that this is sort of a ‘bridge’ episode between 1 and 3 – and a lot of ground has to be laid* (*not sure whether this is the correct expression) for Eurus to appear, hence the distractions and what not. But in terms of the core plot, I found it weak as compared to many of the previous episodes. Perhaps it’s just really focused on reducing/resolving John and Sherlock’s tension, and allowing them to “recover” and hence prepare for more action in S4E3.

There were of course entertaining moments – I loved how Mrs. Hudson never fails to make me laugh. She’s so adorable and sassy! She’s also really sharp and she manages to identify Sherlock as somebody who is actually emotional, rather than rational. (something John and Mycroft fails to see)

I also did not expect Eurus to role-play as John’s affair partner, his therapist, and Faith. Sian Brooke was brilliant! I mean at the back of my mind I could feel that something was going on, because the therapist just seemed really fishy, and how Faith just disappeared at the end of the conversation, and how there was so much focus on John’s affair partner in ep1, all that just made me slightly suspicious. But when it was revealed that she was actually the third Holmes I really did scream at my laptop. Haha

I also really liked Mary’s involvement in this episode – how she’s in John’s head and how she guides him back to sanity.

I guess that’s all I have to say for this episode. I personally enjoyed the twist – I liked that element of shock and how it does actually make sense when you think about it (at least to me), but overall this episode was not my favourite.

– steph




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