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Thoughts on “The Final Problem”

Once again, due to my procrastination, I don’t remember that many details in the episode anymore. this ALWAYS happens gee i should really start writing on time

It was such an emotional episode. There were many twists, and turns, and many questions left unanswered. (eg. What on earth did Eurus say to Moriarty in that 5 minutes of unsupervised conversation? I’m dying to know. What exactly is their “contract” – why was Moriarty necessary to get Sherlock’s attention, when she herself could reach out to Sherlock directly?)

So many vulnerabilities of the characters were examined here. We see the stress that Mycroft bears as he did what he thought was the best for the family.

I cried so hard when Sherlock was forced to choose between Mycroft and John to kill.

Is there going to be more seasons of Sherlock? I googled, and there wasn’t a satisfactory answer. Because TFP did feel like somewhat of a resolution, and I would be devastated if there were no more classic old funny crimes solved by the duo.

Once again, I’d like to commend the producers and actors. The acting was spectacular in this episode – with Sian Brooke as Eurus 😻 (and the usual)

Thank you for bringing magic into my life, Sherlock! (no, i’m not being too dramatic :p)

– steph


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