Born and currently based in Malaysia, Steph is the writer behind She writes mostly on her daily musings, and thoughts about issues that probably don’t matter very much (to anyone else).

In time to come – she is looking to develop this space into an avenue for her to blog more (regularly) about travelling and photography.

Steph is currently on her gap year, waiting to finish her A-levels in June 2017 as a private candidate. She hopes to make it to medical school (2018 entry), and if all goes well become a surgeon in years to come. She is passionate about biology, medicine, education, photography/videography, travelling, climate change, and the human rights movement. Visit here to make a donation to someone in need today!

She also loves good food and binge watches Friends, The Big Bang Theory and Sherlock whenever possible.

Steph likes to sing.
She used to sing as an Alto 2 in her school choirs. She enjoys music of every genre and language, so long as it is pleasurable to the ear. She can play the piano, and hopes to play the guitar better.
Two of her all-time favourite albums: Sun Structures (Temples), Colours (Halsey)
Artists she absolutely adores: Pentatonix, The Piano Guys, Lindsey Stirling, Adele, Jane Zhang, Jason Zhang

Steph enjoys reading.
She has been, and always will be – a Potterhead. (Ravenclaw!)
Other books she likes: The Percy Jackson series (Rick Riordan), the Kane Chronicles (Rick Riordan), The Legend of the Condor Heroes (Jin Yong), the Wisely Series (Ni Kuang) and various titles by Gu Long.
Non-fiction favourites: Every Patient Tells A Story: Medical Mysteries and the Art of Diagnosis (Lisa Sanders)
Guilty pleasures: $1 romance novels off the rack
Current read: How We Do Harm (Otis Webb Brawley)

Steph loves travelling.
She has been to China (Beijing, Shanghai, Gui Lin, Suzhou, Hangzhou), Hongkong (x3), Taiwan, Australia (Sydney, Perth, Mandurah, Lancelin, Fremantle, Bunbury), Cambodia, Thailand (Bangkok, Phitsanulok, Sukhothai, Chiangrai, Phetchabun), Singapore.
Countries she wants to visit: Everywhere.

Future travel plans:
2016 December – Zhang Jia Jie, China
2017 – Thailand, Hanoi (Vietnam), New Zealand
2018 – Morocco, Iceland

For more of Steph, or rather the best of Steph, stay tuned to this space:
Or simply follow her Instagram @stephanerd_
You can check out some of her photos here.
Steph also does quite a bit of freelance English/Chinese translation, so if you are interested and you like what you see here –  Get in touch: stephanielimyq@gmail[dot]com


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