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Thoughts on “The Six Thatchers”

Spoilers ahead! Proceed with caution – you have been warned.

If I can conclude S4E1 with three words – it’ll definitely be: So. Much. Feels!

I loved the episode, as usual. I think the plot, the editing, the acting, the sets etc. were all very intricate, as per the past three seasons. I remain ever so impressed by the brains behind “Sherlock”, and I really do mean it.

S4E1 however, has left a gaping hole in my heart. There were tons of humour in it as usual, but as the episode went on, revealing more and more dark elements – John’s need for a “breather” outside the arrival of little Rosie, Mary’s past coming to haunt her – and eventually, her death, accompanied by the crumbling of John and Sherlock’s relationship.

Yes, Mary died. I was this close to tearing at that point in the episode.

No, I am not surprised that she would die in that manner. A little melodramatic, but not surprising. It was however definitely far too soon for me. I loved Mary as a character – she was hilarious, smart (her portrayal by Amanda Abbington was on-point) and she was on par with Sherlock, mostly. Not only did she share a special bond with Sherlock, she also taught him many things, and in my opinion her character played a huge role in opening him up (other than John & co.). She was sincere, she was raw – and despite her eventful past, somehow I’ve also felt that there was an ordinary woman living inside of her. (I wouldn’t say innocent of course)

In this episode, we see a lot more sentiment showed by most of the characters – Sherlock and Mycroft in particular. Sherlock showing Mycroft the picture of little Rosie, him reassuring that he would protect the three of them (John, Rosie, Mary) time after time, and him not being able to cope with her death (+guilt towards John). Mycroft trusting Sherlock with his gut – Mycroft admitting that he has never been really good with “people”, all these scenes, as small as they may be, were quite touching for me.

Also since I’m on the topic of Sherlock:

#1: There are so many fan theories out there, but personally I firmly believe that Moriarty is dead and all the plans he’s currently carrying out is planned before his suicide. I also don’t think that Sherlock likes John as a lover. (lol)

#2: I really really like Mycroft as a character (yay Mark Gatiss) plz don’t kill him off thx i would cri

#3: I just watched ‘The Lying Detective’ today, and oh my god – I’ll talk about that in a separate post!

Now: I can’t wait for “The Final Problem” to be aired!!! The folks in London are so lucky they get to see it in cinemas! (or so Google says, and that must be correct am I right :p)

If you belong to the category of people who’ve never ever watched Sherlock, do it do it do it JUST DO IT. 10/10 would recommend!



Welcome, 2017

It’s less than 2 hours to 2017. (GMT+8)

And as many would reflect their journey along 2016 online, here’s my take on the past 12 months.

Truth be told – the year of 2016 was an extremely uneventful year for me.

I’ve accomplished close to nothing. I completed my A-levels programme, but I fared mediocrely in my exams. I didn’t put in my best effort in pursuing my goal(s), and that means I (obviously) didn’t get anything in return. I still have a rocky relationship with my parents, and I am still not financially independent, despite being 20. I still do not have a driving license, despite starting learning driving early this year. My gut has become more sensitive, my eyes/my nose are more sensitive than ever, I’m still nowhere near my weight loss goal, and overall I am still as unfit/unhealthy as ever. Just as 2016 was going to end, I also cracked my phone screen!!! god

Of course 2016 was not all bad. I’ve become more mature as a traveller – more appreciative of the little things I see on the way. I’ve sustained my friendships (though not all), and kept those important close to my heart. I’ve managed to head to Thailand under a very expensive programme, saw surgeries I wouldn’t have been able to see elsewhere, and got to know people across the globe. I came back home, and despite many unpleasantries, this also means that I get to spend more time with my family. I took some good photos this year, started learning French, did the very basics of coding.

So, let the new year be a fresh start.

May the horrible attitudes I had stay in the past, and may I work towards becoming the person I truly want to be. May I develop resilience, discipline and a mindset of excellence to reach for my dreams, and stay truthful to myself along the way.

**I think a lot of people find it pretentious to announce new starts only when the new year is approaching – because they believe that if you want to create change, you should start right here and now. And truth is, I cannot agree more than that – but it’s always easier said than done. It takes effort to create change alone, and to sustain the change in your lifestyle is more often than not the greatest challenge. So why condemn those who merely want a more ceremonious start to a better lifestyle?

Anyhoo, welcome, 2017.

things to look forward to

Plans: December 2016

  1. Heading to Zhang Jia Jie(张家界), China! (this was apparently where they filmed Avatar)
  2. 2D1N stayover with WT
  3. 3D2N stayover with Musico (tbc)
  4. Head back to Singapore on some days
  5. Continue with my fruitless job hunting (i’ll probably talk about this in a separate post)
  6. Keep up with my French learning (i’ll definitely talk about this in a separate post)
  7. Commit to producing content/writing more regularly
  8. Do up my “What to Pack for Zhang Jia Jie” post & video
  9. Take more pictures/footage!

Music of the moment: Muse – Plug In Baby – Amy Turk, harp
I only discovered her recently, but I find her arrangements full of personal style and her playing very exquisite. Not that i’m any bit knowledgable about harps really, but i do like to think that I have a keen ear for good music. So do check her out 🙂

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I watched Doctor Strange yesterday. (Spoilers!)

I started this post 18 days ago and for some reason I didn’t manage to finish to type it. So here goes!

I liked it, but I was just very confused throughout the whole film. It was, for a fact, strange. (sorry I just had to, haha)

I did watch the trailer.
I have very little background on Marvel movies. I’ve only watched Thor – and that was ages ago, and I don’t remember anything from that.
I did stay on for both of the after-credits scene.

What I enjoyed:
– Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance, of course. (he was one of the two reasons I decided to catch the movie, the second being the trailer which looked interesting)
– Chiwetel Ejiofor was great too! (fyi I was really impressed with him in 12 years a slave)
– The animations (i’m sorry i don’t know the techy word for this) were on point. (for the most part – especially at the start when all the buildings were shifted and all – so, so grand) as well as when they were in the mirror dimension.
– The cinematography and production was grand/on point, but it’s from Marvel anyway so I wouldn’t expect any less.

What I didn’t enjoy:
– I personally feel that some details could have been better explained. When the Ancient One told Strange about “Giving up control to gain control” and asking him to “Surrender” and subsequently leaving him out in Everest, waiting him for to somehow gain the ability to draw a portal back.
It seemed to me that the reason for him being able to do so successfully was due to a survival instinct, and not some sort of revelation which enabled him to use his powers. Granted I know that this is a movie, there’s a budget, and it’s only 1hour 55 minutes, but hey I just felt like that was a pivotal moment that could be emphasised on.
– The Dark Dimension graphics/animation looked really really like something you’d see in an animated human body. (I was later told that it was supposed to be like that. see, what do i know)
– I don’t really enjoy superhero movies because the themes are always recurring and I find that boring.

I would recommend this (if you’ve yet to catch it! quick! it’s ending soon!), if you like the actors featured, action and superhero stuff. Also because this would simply look better in the theatres as compared to if you watched it on your laptop. 



An Interesting Quote:

Intercepting my attempted trend of book reviews,this is a quote i came across (probably somewhere else – it was referenced) and found interesting:

“Beauty is the curse on the world. It keeps us from seeing who the real monsters are.”

After some quick Googling, I found out it’s from this show Nip/Tuck by The Carver. I also found out that the show involves surgery, yay! So I might check it out this year end.



Book Review: 别闹,这不科学 – 金京南

Genre: 推理言情

I found out about this title because I googled for books similar to 丁墨’s 美人为陷 and this was one of the recommendations made by the Internet.

What I liked: I loved the character setting – 谭沫, the female lead – has a very adorable personality. As for the male lead, 洛涵 – he’s attractive, but not unique. They do make a cute couple! As for 男二 – 程骏, he had a more tragic story (as usual) but his 番外 was pretty well written. (quite heartbreaking actually)

It’s also 双处/1 v 1, so it’s really my type (of books). (Actually to be more accurate if it wasn’t so, I would not have started reading it because I’m pretty particular about this)

What I didn’t like as much: There were so many parts that the author could have magnified and wrote in more detail, eg. the first time 沫儿 got injured and had to stay overnight in 洛涵’s house, their 初夜 (i think it should be put down because 谭沫 has such a low EQ ahaha etc. etc. The process of her falling for him was also really vague/not clean-cut. (there wasn’t any gradual realisation/flick of a switch at all – it just simply wasn’t really brought up).

Having just read 丁墨’s 美人为陷, i can only say that this paled in comparison. The cases were much simpler, there was less suspense and less action. Granted, it’s a much shorter story, so i take that into consideration.

I still liked the book though, I just wouldn’t reread it.

Would not exactly recommend.

Next up: Book review: 学霸的内伤诊断书 – 金京南 (姐妹文)